Grass Fed Organic Beef: A Chunk of Health Booster

02/04/2012 02:39

Grass fed organic beef has plenty of benefits that can be taken advantage by many people who are greatly looking after for their health. With beef cuts which are totally nutritious and full of taste, surely everyone would love to take a bite of a grass fed organic beef healthy meat.


organic  beef london broil


What are the health benefits you can get is every serving of grass fed organic beef?



An essential amino acid that is responsible for the production of protein, tryptophan helps our bodies to generate protein that we need for everyday supplement. The very reason why red meat like grass fed organic beef is rich in protein is because tryptophan helps in producing it.



Seventy-five percent of our physical bodies are generally composed of protein. Our hair, bones, muscles, nails, and skin are composed of small particles of this type of amino-acid. People who have protein deficiency are most vulnerable to weakness, stress, fatigue, and long-term wound healing. Since most of our strength are driven from healthy muscles, we must have a daily intake of protein to ensure the stability of our bodies. Aside from grass fed organic beef, there are plenty of protein in servings of eggs, ,poultry especially free-range chickens, pastured pork and goat.


Beta-carotene, Zinc, B Vitamins

Bacteria roam in our environment every of second of the day, so it is essential for us to have a daily intake of food that will boost out immune system. A grass fed organic beef meal is a healthy chunk of beta-carotene, zinc, Vitamin B6, and B12 that enhances our bodies protection against sickness.


Omega 3

Who says meat is bad for the heart? With organic meals such as grass fed beef and pastured pork which are grown in an all-natural pasture, you can get the best out of a meat product. These farm-bred animals produces high saturation of omega 3 and omega 6 because of their healthy lifestyle and because the meat are leaner and with lesser bits of fat, grass fed organic beef and swine are producers of low-calorie diet.








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